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We design the wow moments that

open eyes and drop jaws

About Two Sharp Stix

Bending the Laws of Physics for Audiences Everywhere

Laws are made to be broken, right?  

Truth is, we don't really break those laws - but we sure like to bend them!  The result?

  An audience full of swinging jaws and big, healthy grins. 

That's exactly what we love to do.

We've been designing unique and mind-blowing special effects and custom elements for live audiences for over 30 years. 

We don't rinse and repeat - ever.  Our customers keep coming back and we keep inventing.  It's our passion!

Lasers, Cryo, Pyro, Flames, Fog and Mechanicals...

These are the building blocks of fun.   Something special awaits...

DESIGN                CONSULT              CREATIVE PRODUCTION

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About Us

Where the Passion Begins


Kelly Sticksel

Founder/Lead Designer

Kelly is a Texas-born and Texas-raised designer with a 30+ year career of creating special effects that simply didn’t exist before he sketched them…

His passion for creating excitement is unrivaled and his hunger for his next collaboration is evident in the impressive list of his clientele.  


During his career, Kelly has had the honor of working with some of the entertainment industry’s most talented and recognized artists.  From Little Big Town, Thomas Rhett and Jason Aldean to Roger Waters, Justin Timberlake and Aerosmith, Kelly’s work has spanned multiple genres and earned him critical acclaim.

Kelly also brings a longstanding career in corporate production, theme parks and dramatic theater, with clients that range from Oracle and Universal Studios to “Shrek” and “Spiderman – Turn Off the Dark” on Broadway. 

Kelly’s diverse experience and relationship-driven approach make him an integral part of the Two Sharp Stix team and his core values help guide us in our daily decisions.

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